Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Story


Every year (I started last year) I plan to write a piece for Halloween. I’ve already started thinking about this year’s and hope to start writing in a day or so. The problem is I can’t write scary, horrifying, dark, depressing, miserable and spine-shilling stories whilst the weather is so warm, happy, cheerful and completely not scary.

However, once that problem goes I will start writing. So far I have a few basic ideas for 2 characters and a plot. In comparison to last year, this story should be darker, but less gruesome. It will focus on psychological horror and will have implicit violence as opposed to explicit gore. It’s quite worrying how long the thought for this piece has been in my head (nearly 3 months). I mean, it’s not like a comedy piece or a happy-go-lucky story with happy characters. It’s about death and obsession. Honestly, if people could mind-read I think I would be incarcerated for getting excited about writing this.

Of course, I’m not excited about the subject, but about the challenge. With every piece I write, I am trying something new. Last year saw my first horror, and this year will see my first psychological piece. Literally everything I write is an experiment for me. I don’t like being constrained to one style so I am constantly evolving my writing and seeing what does and doesn’t work.

I’ll keep you updated when I start writing.

Matt B


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