Monday, October 24, 2011

My Good Day


I honestly cannot put my finger on it, but at college today I was in a really good mood. I'm never really in a bad mood as such, but today I seemed especially happy.

Perhaps it was the refreshing walk to school in the cool morning air that did it. Being the first day back to school meant it was also my first proper walk in a while! I entered the sixth form and wasn't annoyed by the cluster of people who insist on hanging around the doorway (usually this really irritates me), nor was I annoyed when I realised I got there earlier than planned.

My first lesson, Chemistry, was theory as it always is on a Monday. Despite starting a new topic, and therefore requiring a small amount of extra attention to the work than usual, I didn't find the lesson difficult and we got to play with MolyMod - a molecule making kit.

Normally when I've queued for something only to be told I don't have enough money on my card I get annoyed. Today, I wasn't annoyed. Although part of me was disappointed when the card machine didn't spurt out extra £10 notes as it did last time, I was back in the queue to buy my drink rather quickly.

Whilst eating my panini I realised that the extra thick part of my bottom brace, that was added on Thursday, made eating chewy-ish foods more difficult. This didn't annoy or irritate me - I actually found it quite amusing!

I do mentoring on a Monday after Lunch to help a year 11 class in Chemistry. I really enjoy this and have never not liked a lesson I helped in. Today, however, I enjoyed it more than usual. The class were starting a new topic, ions and ionic bonding, and at first they found it rather difficult. Yet, over the space on 1 lesson the understanding was visibly better. Literally the class turned from being relatively bored to being ecstatic over getting questions right and being desperate to get better. Some people were physically cheering with delight as their understanding 'clicked' and  everything suddenly became clear.

Whilst I cannot say that I was the sole reason for this (I wasn't, the other 2 teachers were the main reason), I can honestly say that I did help in this wonderful feat of academic understanding. I believe those people that helped were pleased with my aid and I know for a fact one person had their 'clicking' moment because of what I said.

The final lesson of the day, ICT, takes place between 15:00 and 16:40. It's a long and late lesson which I often could quite easily sleep in. However, due to my elated feeling from the mentoring, the otherwise dull topic of 'Legislation and it's affect of ICT policy and procedure' was that little bit more interesting. I got all the worksheet done in one double lesson, despite the fact is should take 1.5 to 2 double lessons to finish.

All in all, I had a great day at college today. From a good start, to a feeling of accomplishment ending on a relative high (for a Monday).

Matt B


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