Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Recently, I've been trying out the new social network, Google+. Whilst I have not been able to fully see how much potential this platform has due to the small number of people I actually know using it and my apparent lack of interesting things to 'stream', I have got some preliminary thoughts.

It could be great.

The interface is clean and sleek. Whether this is because of it being new, I don't know; but I like it. The circles idea is fantastic. I can section the people who's stream I follow into these circles and then limit what each can see. So, if my family ever join I can be safe in the knowledge that the discussions I have with my school friends won't be overheard (not that there's anything to be embarrassed about).

To share media is a really straightforward process. Find the media, click the relevant link in the 'stream' box do the relevant steps.

The only thing that's odd is getting use to the new terminology. Rather than follow someone (twitter) you circle them. You don't tweet or post, you stream. You don't like or retweet, you +1 or share.

Once I've used it more, I will post more here, but in the mean time you can join G+ and circle me here:

Matt Bird on G+


Matt B


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