Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

2013 Image Courtesy of FutureSoBright
I got an email today from FutureMe.org reminding me of my 5 New Year resolutions I made at the start of 2012. The year was certainly an annus mirabilis with the Olympics and jubilee, but let's see if it was on a personal level for me:

Write 52 blog posts

I wrote 53 in 2012 so I did that one! Not much else to say here, really.

Write More than in 2011

I may not have stuck with my writing a proper article every month, but I think I made up for it with the greater amount of blog posts. Vocab Builder and Science for Writers certainly upped the number of words I wrote in 2012. I also wrote a short story for a contest, a Halloween story, and a Christmas story. However, I went backwards with my novel. I completely rewrote what little I already had and now have only 3 chapters. All in all I think I matched my writing output of 2011 and perhaps beat it. I know it's not less, but I can't conclusively decide if I succeeded here.

Revise more than 2011

I revised for the January AS exams more than I did for the GCSE exams so I succeed on that front. However, I did become complacent with my revision for the AS summer exams. But, December was a major revision month and I definitely have beaten this resolution.

Learn over 150 new words

I couldn't list 150 words I've learnt, but equally I don't think it is possible to list all the words you know. The calendar had 365 words on it, but I already knew some. Overall I think 150 is a reasonable estimate of the new words I've learnt this year.

Get an A in all AS subjects and an A in Fast Track A2 ICT

Hmm... I got an A* in my ICT Fast Track which I'm very pleased with. I got an A in both Biology and Physics AS, but only a B in Chemistry. Does the A* cancel the B? I don't think so. I failed with this resolution. I will note that when I made the resolution I wanted to go into medicine. The month after I decided to go into Chemistry instead. I know that it appears to be my worst, subject, but I contend it is a harder subject (at college, due to the board) and the summer exam was far harder than any past papers.

Three and a half out of five isn't bad. So, now it is time to think of 5 new resolutions for 2013.

  1. Complete The Magician's Tattoo - This will be tough. I have now got a firm grasp on what the story of the novel is and the characters I want in it, but it will require regular writing and keeping my eye on the ball at all times with the plot.
  2. Continue to post regularly with a total of 52 blog posts by the end of  the year - This is the same target as last year because I don't know how university will affect my ability to post, but the start of the year will see more posts than the start of last year.*
  3. Get into either Nottingham or Leicester University - I hope I can do this. I have a conditional offer from both Nottingham and Leicester university. Nottingham have asked for an A in Chemistry and an a B in physics (both doable). Leicester have asked for an A and a B in Chemistry and another subject, but Chemistry can be the B. I also have interviews (worded as informal visit days) for Birmingham and Sheffield. I've yet to hear from Warwick.
  4. Learn 150 new words - I have the next edition of the 365 New Words a Year calendar.
  5. Get at least an A in all my subjects - Kind of an extension to number 3. I'd love to get an A in Chemistry, Physics and Biology to complement my A* in ICT. To be honest I'd love as many A*s as possible, but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself.
*Changed from 40 to 52 on Jan 13 2013

I will visit these again on the 1st of January 2014.

Have a great 2013!



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