Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Man Booker International Prize

The Man Booker International Prize is a prize given out biannually to a writer who has contributed to fiction in a major way. Typically it is awarded to an author with a large catalogue of quality fiction. It is not limited to just novelists, writers of short stories are also entered, though I believe it is mainly novelists who win. Also it is required the nominees write or have been translated in English.

The short-list for this 2013's prize is as follows:

  • U R Ananthamurthy
    • Born December 21st 1932
    • India
    • Best known for the novel Samskara (1966) about culture and cultural survival
    • Portfolio consists of 5 novels, 1 play, eight short-story collections, 3 poetry collections, and 8 essay collections
  • Aharon Applefeld
    • Born February 16th 1932
    • Ukraine
    • Best known for Badenheim, 1939 (1997) about disability
    • Described as a 'displaced writer of displaced fiction, who has made displacement and disorientation a subject uniquely his own.' (New York Times, 1988)
  • Lydia Davis
    • Born 1947
    • USA

    • Best known for her translations of French novels such as Marcel Proust's Du Côté de Chez Swann (Swann's Way), a complex tale with much critical acclaim
    • Also famous for her short stories many of which are very short and based on philosophy
  • Intizar Husain
    • Born December 7th 1923
    • Pakistan
    • Best known for Naya Gar
    • Has written 3 novels and 4 collections of short stories
  • Yan Lianke
  • Marie NDiaye
    • Born June 4th 1967
    • French (originally from Africa)
    • Most recent novel: Three Strong Women
    • First published when she was 18
  • Josip Novakovich
    • Born 1956
    • Born in Croatia, now lives in Montreal
    • Famous for his short story colections such as Yolk
    • Writes short stories, novels, and narrative essays
  • Marilynne Robinson
    • Born November 1943
    • USA
    • Best known for Housekeeping
    • Received a Ph.D. in English from the University of Washington 1977
  • Vladmit Sorokin
  • Peter Stamm
    • Born January 18th 1963
    • Switzerland
    • Best known for unformed Landscape
    • He studied accountancy and worked as an accountant for five years


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