Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Magician's Tattoo - Old Version


I know alot of my readers are from WDC and know me from the CSFS. This post, however is for those who don't know me from the CSFS. Below is the opening section from my novella in progress, 'The Magician's Tattoo'.

A streak of purple light whizzed past Nathan’s car as he sped down the motorway. He turned up the radio, so he could hear the football. Another light flashed by; he carried on. Yet more lights passed, he ignored, being far more interested in the game. He assumed there must be some sort of charity event going on. He cheered as his team scored a goal. Nathan heard a loud ‘BANG!’ from the top of his car. ‘What was that?’ he thought, pulling over to the hard shoulder. The last thing he needed was something to make him late for dinner. He stepped from his car and looked around, the evening winds ruffled his tidy black hair.

On the roof was a large bundle of sparkling cloth. He picked up a stick and prodded it. A nervous drop of sweat ran down his shaven face. A flash of electric purple light erupted from the bundle. A man with messy grey hair, wearing a mauve dressing gown, appeared next to Nathan.

“What the—” Nathan muttered, stumbling backwards, nearly falling into the motorway.

“Scares them every time,” the man said, “Normally the purple lights are enough to make people pull over, but you really are an unobservant dimwit.” He grabbed Nathan by the shoulder.

“Who are you?” Nathan’s voice sounded more like a scared girl’s voice than one of a fully-grown man.

“Well, I am many things, Nathan—”

Nathan was too preoccupied with getting back to his car to bother asking how the man knew his name.

“I am psychic, amongst other things,” The man’s grip tightened on Nathan’s shoulder, “I am here to protect you. To protect you from an evil magician whose sole aim is to turn all other magicians into fluffy rabbits.”

Nathan escaped the man’s grip and rushed back to his car, got in and locked the doors. ‘Why is this happening today?’ he thought as he wound down his window and ignited his engine, “Look, I really need to get back to my ‘non-magical’ home so I can go for a ‘non-magical’ dinner with ‘my non-magical’ girlfriend, so I’ll leave your loony crap, to you.”

Nathan drove along the motorway waiting for his exit, but stretch after stretch of never-ending motorway was all that came.

“You are not getting away from me Nathan,” a voice said.

Nathan veered off towards the other cars nearly hitting them. He braked hard, and turned around to find the Magic Man behind him.

“Get the hell out of my car!” Nathan yelled.

“No. You get out of the car, Nathan.”

“You really are a lunatic; we’re in the middle of the M1!” Nathan replied.

“Once again your inability to observe your surroundings astounds me; in fact one might say you are the lunatic. Now get out of the car.” Nathan looked out of the window and saw that he was back on the hard shoulder of the motorway. The door suddenly opened and his seat catapulted him onto the ground.

If that entices you to want to read more, then you are in look. So far 4 chapters have been written, totalling 11,102 words. They are all available at
Follow the link to my port from the sidebar of this blog to view it.

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