Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is Awkward

Background Image courtesy of prisonplanet - Text added by me
Well, this is awkward.

The world didn't end yesterday--and I was so sure it would. It rained a bit where I live. Granted it rained more on Thursday, but I can assure you there was water falling from the sky yesterday.

Fine, I got it wrong. Congratulations, you can laugh in the face of the fools.

And so can I! Yes, I am laughing at you - the person who doesn't understand satire and genuinely thought I believed the world was going to end. Yeah, that will do as a cover up:  my post on Thursday was 'Satire'.

But, I can assure you above all possible doubt that the world will end on May the 19th 2013 as Ronald Weinland predicted. I know he was wrong on his 2011 and 2012 predictions of this event, but I am sure Jesus Christ will return. I don't know how that will end the world, perhaps he'll bring an army of other mythical beings like dragons and perhaps an alien or two!

Oh, and here's your fish back...

Matt B


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