Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End is Nigh!

The End is Nigh
Background Image courtesy of prisonplanet - Text added by me
Have you built your underground bunker? No? You idiot! Did you not know the world is ending tomorrow?

I suppose the fact that you haven't built a bunker means I won't have to compete with you for food and other resources when I cautiously leave my bunker after the worst is over. Of course, I doubt very much anybody hasn't put serious thought and consideration into their end-of-the-world plans.

Some silly people don't believe the world will end. Those ignorant people are thinking about supposedly more important things like Christmas and the New Year. Why would you be as daft to buy Christmas presents when you should be spending your money on survival kits such as this:

2012 Survival Kit
Survival Kit
Image courtesy of The Die Line
Those of us with the forethought to prepare for this major world event are well aware that their are naysayers who contradict the prospect of an apocalypse tomorrow. But we know more than they do. We know that Nibiru will collide with the Earth and that it is no mere coincidence that the 13th b'ak'tun of the Maya Calendar ends this day. Sure the modern Mayan civilisations still around today say it is just the end of a cycle and that it will start a fresh. But what do they know. It's not like they have unfounded science on their side like we do. We know the end is coming tomorrow and I laugh in the face of those who seriously believe we will see the 22nd.

I can assure you that we do not have some silly prediction that Christ is is returning to Earth to destroy the Antichrist as was predicted on the 27th May 2012, 29th September 2011, 6th April 2000, 1901, 7th August 1847, 31st December 1843, 1700, 1694, 1033, 500, 2, and year 1 . We aren't stupid enough to say an alien will destroy the Earth as was predicted in May 2003 and August 1967. Don't be daft! We have strong evidence from an unknown unreliable source that an asteroid/inter-planetary object will 100% collide with the Earth tomorrow. I don't know what all the idiots who have predicted the world will end further in the future are thinking. It is clearly going to end tomorrow.

If you are one of those who don't believe the world is going to end, then you're going to look like one almighty silly-billy tomorrow as the world crashes down around you and I'm safe in my DIY bunker a few feet underground. Who's going to be the fool then, hey?

If some miracle occurs and Nibiru doesn't collide with us then I guarantee you that Aliens will attack (but not in the silly way previously predicted - these will come with the cover of Nibiru) and/or Yellowstone Park's volcano will erupt and/or the magnetic poles of the Earth will switch (faster than the thousand's of years so called geologists say it'll take) and cause devastation and then the world will blow up or something.

This is likely my last ever blog post as a) I won't have internet connection after the world ends, b) I might be dead if my bunker doesn't hold out, c) the same points as a) and b) only in relation to you, the reader.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Matt B


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