Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Rioting


The rioting in London has disgusted me. Despite being 16, I have only utter disapointment and hatred towards others of similar age to me who have been involved in the rioting. Peoples' homes and livelihoods have been selfishly destroyed. Each and everyone of the rioters are imbeciles who deserved to be locked up and the key thrown away.

The images on the news are the most shocking I have ever seen for something like this. Those who claim to be rioting with reason are wrong. There is never a just cause for such destructive behaviour. I would post images and videos to enhance my point, but I find them to awful to watch and would not want to force you to see them.

The employment crisis is the same for the majority of people, and yet I don't see the majority of people rioting. All I can see is a large number of yobs and prats destroying not only business and homes, but the reputation of young people - of which we were slowly increasing.

I do not understand how anybody could view this rioting as right. Those in the riots are there to cause as much disruption as possible and to gain as much looted product as they can.

I can only hope that if this post is read by any of the rioters that they understand I feel they have no place in civilised society and should be punished severely.

I have had to hold back my language for this post as I am so utterly dismayed by the havoc the rioters have wreaked.

Below is a link to a brilliant poem by a friend of mine about the London Riots:

Words, Scribbles and Passion: Londiniensis Flagrans: "Just a short 1st Draft of a poem. It's not great, but I felt there is little else I can do but write about the disheartening events taking p..."


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