Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Writer of the Fortnight

Welcome to the second Writer of the Fortnight (plus a day). Last time I gave the award to O. G. Patterson. As before, this time the award goes to a member of Writing.com - a fantastic site for all aspiring (and in some cases published) authors.

The award this fortnight goes to an writer who has supported me on the site from very early on. She is very insightful when it comes to writing, and not just in technical areas. She always looks at the story being told and the characters telling it far more than comma usage and is always full of suggestions for how to improve and enhance a story whilst keeping the author's voice in tact.

The recipient of the Writer of the Fortnight award this time is Amanda Willcox. Specifically for her tale The Halls of Neptune.

Writer of the Fortnight
Writer of the fortnight - A. E. Willcox
Original image from boundbytheword.wordpress.com, edited by me
The Halls of Neptune really shines in its voice. That of an ex-captain telling his tale. Here is the opening paragraph:
Lost at sea we was. Lost: fogbound and becalmed in the middle of nowhere. Forty years, forty long years nigh on I've sailed both ’fore and aft the mast and there was nothing I’d never seen, or so’d I’d thought. In forty long years I’d never read of the like not neither, not in any book nor tome. The merfolk, to be sure, are something known in books and tales and songs and shanties, but none had seen the Halls of Neptune. None had seen the merfolk's Isle in the midst of a foggy sea.
 The use of a very specific style of voice draws the reader into the tale. It may not seem like it could work for the whole piece, but trust me it does.

As I have already indicated, Amanda is very knowledgeable in writing craft. An article of hers I've read recently is all about description, though much of the article is also relevant to writing in general. You can read all her articles here.

Like Amanda I often write articles about different aspects of writing. Regular readers of this blog will have read some of them, but you can see them all here.

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Matt B

ps As I did a PS last fortnight, I thought I'd update you on it. I successfully wrote a blog post every day from Monday 21 to Sunday 27!


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