Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Highlight: Kat Hawthorne

Kat's Sig
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Courtesy of Kat Hawthorne and 'The Celloian'
This week I would like to highlight a fantastic dark fantasy writer. We know each other from writing.com and she is a member of my group, the CSFS. This author is Kat Hawthorne.

She specialises in dark stories and has written many twisted tales.

Recently a story of hers, The pain Merchant, has featured on the site, Fiction and Verse. Kat's profile can be found here:


The Pain Merchant is a chilling short about a man whose business is pain. It is only very short and one that I thoroughly recommend reading in the run up to Halloween.

The Pain Merchant can be found by visiting www.fictionandverse.com/the-pain-merchant. Please comment on Fiction and Verse your thoughts on the piece.

Additionally, you can find more of Kat's work by visiting her Writing.com profile, here:

Or you can visit her blog here:



p.s. I was unable to get a Science for Writers out last week, but hopefully will have one this Sunday.


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