Saturday, September 15, 2012

Science for Writers: An Introduction

Every Sunday I aim to write a post about an important aspect of science, be that physics, chemistry, biology, psychology or medicine.

This is Science for Writers. Writers in all genres should be aware of and have a basic understanding of any science that effects what they are writing about. Romance writers need to be aware of the psychology of love and how it effects other emotions. Action writers should understand the physics behind firing a gun. Crime writers need to know the chemistry behind blood analysis. Sci-fi writers should know about ... well, most sciences, but in particular inter-stellar flight. And, fantasy writers like my self, should understand evolution (if we are writing magical races), the physics of fire balls (if that kind of magic exists) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The content of the posts will focus primarily on the science, but will contain my opinion on how the science can be incorporated into writing and potential misunderstanding that could degrade your work. 

Please post in the comments any science theories you wish to explained.

Matt B


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