Saturday, May 5, 2012


Warning this post contains some strong language.

One thing that really irks me is when people say things like 'that's Windows for you.' If anyone says that to you they are one of the following:

1. A liar
2. A mac user
3. A Linux/ubuntu user
4. Really bad with computers
5. All/Combination of the above

I use Windows 7, I used to use Vista and still use XP at school. The majority of issues I encounter are my own (or the school's) fault. For example I had a blue-screen last year. Now, I look online for solutions to this problem and encounter post after post of window-hating, mac-loving idiots.

Every single one of them said that I should by a Mac, or windows is for losers. Piss off!

In the end I realised that sometimes shit happens. And sometimes it is me who did the shit (could be worded better). I had opened too many application and was doing too much at a time. I was downloading a large file of the internet, watching a HD video on YouTube, rendering a film and burning it to DVD and installing 2 applications. I had iTunes playing music and Tweet deck overloaded with tweets about the riots. It was not Microsoft's sole fault that my computer blue-screened. It was my fault for not considering what my machine could handle.

Another issue people have is with networking Windows machines. I can do it with little hassle. Why? Because I know how and took the time to learn. Sometimes the moment something goes wrong they look for someone to blame rather than a solution. Why? Because they're idiots. Don't try and connect an XP machine to a windows 7 machine with a home-group and then blame Microsoft for not allowing compatibility.

If every new feature had to be compatible with every other old feature nothing new would ever be made. Stop being a dick and accept you've got an out-dated OS and if you want to use modern features you need to upgrade.

Then there are those people who claim Apple makes the best hardware, the best software and sun shines out of its bloody backside. They are wrong. Case in point: iTunes. When I run iTunes, almost 60% of my processing power is used and I am limited to browsing the web or typing stuff. I claimed at the start of this rant that people shouldn't blame companies for every fault, but I am aware that sometimes the blame does lie in shoddy coding. Apple prioritised Apple customers (as you would expect, nothing wrong there) and allowed Windows users to suffer. I don't blame them, they are right with there priorities, but they aren't Gods. They don't get everything right.

Then there is Microsoft Office. I use Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Outlook regularly. The only issue I have is loading times and that is my fault for putting big extensions on them.

You often hear people say don't trust spell-check, ignore the grammar checker - they're rubbish. They are not. True, you shouldn't rely on them, but you should most certainly use them.

I am terrible at spelling words like necessary, regularly, and other hard words. The red, squiggly line is a life-saver. It is not replacement for common sense, and sometimes it is wrong, but if there is a line it is worth checking out.

The green lines are really useful. I have set up the proofing options to correct wordiness, passive tense, verb order and stuff. It really works. Just yesterday I was working on some coursework and had written something with 5 words, it told me I was using wordiness and should consider something else that was 2 words long. It fitted fine and then another line appeared under that suggesting I use a clearer verb which was only 1 word. Office managed to cut my sentence by 4 words and made it clearer.

Granted, even mac users use Office, but they'll never admit it. Here's a common conversation

Mac user: Oh I created a really great slide show the other day
Other guy: What software did you use?
Mac user: I used some presentation program that's part of a suite of software

compared to

Mac User: I created a slide show the other day but it crashed and lost everything
Other guy: Was it any good, your slide show?
Mac User: Nah, it was crap
Other guy: What software did you use?
Mac user: Guess ... Microsoft

They only admit to using a Microsoft program when they did something wrong and can blame it. In both scenarios they Mac User was using Office for Mac, but daren't admit it was working in situation 1.

So, yet another rant from me, but what do you think?

Matt B


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