Thursday, March 8, 2012

AS Results are in!


Last night I posted about what I was predicting for today's results.

Well, to day I am happy with what I have got would be lying. My predictions were wrong. To say I was thrilled with my results would be telling the absolute truth. I have never been more relieved from a set of results in my life.

I worked really hard for these exams and it seems to have paid off. Surprised doesn't cover the fact the results are so good. Shocked would be better!

Chemistry was the subject that I thought I did worst in, but I got a comfortable A. The UMS (standardised marks) mark required for an A was around 99 and I got 108 so well in the bracket.

I was completely unsure how I did in Biology and guessed a B. I got an A!

The only exam I was confident in doing well was physics. I got an A. To make it even better I got the third highest mark in my year (or class, I'm not sure; there are 2 classes for physics).

I'm doing my ICT a year early. This means that I did 2 years of GCSE in one go in year 10, did my AS level in year 11 and my A2 this year, year 12. I thought I'd completely flunked one of the questions, but it turns out I didn't. I got an A. My ICT teacher said to my parents 'I expected Matt to get an A, but not such a high A.' He then went on to explain I got the highest ever mark in that paper for my school - 95%! 'It was a hard paper' were his words and I modestly agree.

Needless to say I am euphoric with these results and am more ebullient than ever about my academic life.

Matt B


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