Friday, May 27, 2011

Breaking Up


Today is the start of my halfterm 'break'- that's code for a time for me to do revision!
As part of CSFS on there has been a dragon raid going no. Essentially what this means is this: Review as many people as you can between the 23 and 27 May. Now, I've done what seems to be about an average number of reviews for a raid, but for me it's a hell of a lot! I've done 14 reviews since the 23rd. They've all been quite detailed reviews mainly of poetry. It's amazing the quality of writing there is on the site!
Still waiting for The Final Summit from BookSneeze. Might stick with an E-Book next time!

Matt B

UPDATE: In the end I did 18 reviews and won the prize draw- I get to Lead CSFS for a week starting Monday


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