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I know that at first this topic may seem dry, but it is important. Ink costs a lot. Now, many studies have been done looking into which printer costs the least to run whilst having a good quality. A lot of the time Kodak comes to the top.

I tried a Kodak printer once, I was drawn in by the low ink costs and 'supreme printing quality'. What I found was that the printer wouldn't connect to my computer. It was annoying but fixable. It turns out the supplied cable was broken and that even if the cable was working it would not work in a USB extender. Fair enough. I have loads of USB cables around my room so I could use one of those. I rearranged my USBs so I could plug it in direct and I was off.

Well, the print quality would've been better if I'd written the document my self with wax crayons. It looked bitty and awful. I checked the ink levels and it said they were half full. Why didn't they supply me with full ink. After running the print head cleaner program supplied with the printer I tried again. The quality had improved slightly but the colours were washed out. Most of the ink had gone by now. Essentially that told me that half an ink cartridge can do the following things:  Produce two terrible prints and run a print head clean. Needless to say I returned the printer.

The replacement, a HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-one printer. I have had it for a while now and have made the following prints since connecting to the network:

4787 prints on plain paper (a mix of documents and full colour images)


85 Photo prints (A4 and 10x15s)

and I have used the following cartridges in the printers lifetime:
9 Black
6 Yellow
6 Cyan
7 Magenta
7 Photo Black

Remember that the prints only got counted since connecting to the network. Add about 500 plain paper prints and 20 photo prints for realistic figures.

OK so the photo ink gets used up very quickly. But the others are pretty decent. The best thing is that from Amazon you can get a full set of XL print cartridges for about £50 which is a very good deal. The print quality is very good and the printer itself looks quite stylish. The scanner is very high quality. I scanned a magazine in at a mid DPi and could zoom right in with pixelisation making it unreadable.

So, if you want a good printer get a HP printer. They're great!

Matt B


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